Operation of the first Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant in Niamey

ICEA and its local partner Convergence Consulting were selected by the World Bank to support the authorities of the City of Niamey in the implementation of a new organization for the fecal sludge management sector, related to the commissioning of the fecal sludge treatment plant of Koubia.


On 1 and 2 August 2017, ICEA presented and validated with the City of Niamey and the Nigerien authorities the first results of its work:

  • a business plan for the operation of the first treatment plant and sector-wide projections in order to define the conditions for its financial equilibrium,

  • the principles to guide the recruitment of a private operator for the operation of the plant.


Given the uncertainties on the by-product market resulting from sludge treatment, which is still unexploited,


The financing of the sector will be based, on the one hand, on a Tipping Fee (TF) paid by the pit emptiers for the use of the plant and, on the other hand, a Fecal Sludge Treatment Charge (FSTC), paid by the domestic clients of drinking water in Niamey with their water bill and based on the volumes consumed. In addition, as an incentive to develop the by-product market, the operator will take the responsibility of its organization and receive the revenues of sales.


Operating costs of the plant will be the main cost of the sector and will be financed both by end users (TF) and the City (share of the FSTC), which will contract through an open national tender with a private operator who will be in charge of operation and maintenance.


The five-year contract will define the operating and maintenance terms for the plant, including the obligations to comply with environmental standards. Due to the lack of experience at national level, the operator will be supported during the first year of operation by a technical assistance, to implement best practices and train the allocated staff.

Nov. 2017




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